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Some of Gmods funniest pics!

Any copyrights that i have breached i swear i didn't do it and any request by owner will see the image instantly removed from the page a formal appology will be due.


Pretty much explains itself. Photo supplied by Photobucket.


A spy gets into a little trouble when his stabbing rampage his cut short by a faulty disguise kit. Image supplied by imageshack.




Had to have some gman action in there. Please ignore the advertising at the bottom. Image supplied by Stu-Pidase.net


This is a pic i made myself using gmod 10. Say hello to the AWP CAMPER SUPER TEAM!!! I came up with the team when i was playing a frustrating game of CSS. Both teams were made entirely of Awp campers and so death was a regular occurance. So here is my little creation the Awp camper super team! It is a little crapply made cus i only spent like 10 mins on it. Image supplied by Joemax262 (me!).

This is the AWP campers special mission to save Barney from the angry hostage. I just edited the teams poses slightly and put the 2 below them. Again its made in a small amount of time so its not that well made but it might give you a small snigger. Image supplied by Joemax262 (me!).

More to come soon!